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I have trusted my mechanics, that have their family owned business in Queens, NY. Paying elsewhere like "Pep Boys, Strauss, AutoZone, and even Sears had always been a proven money pit for my family. I just use them now for basic wiper blades and fluids. "They" don't seem to understand struggle and surviving from check to check and limited budgets. Finding caring and honest people to take care of your car has proven to be an invaluable asset as well as resourse. To have peace of mind is how the American Express commercials put it: "PRICELESS".

When you know your car inside out it helps to know that you are somewhat knowledgeable about maintenance. I learned the hard way so many times, pushing my cars until the can't go anymore... Been raped by companies like mentioned above because they were the only one's open on sunday's. Don't know why my cars died when they did, but at almost a 200% mark up on labor, diagnostics, and other HuHa...(just things they list on the bill when you get it), You need a stiff drink after the ordeal.

 Wow, thank you for this group page, I can go on and on... You build such an attatchment with your vehicle, they do become part of your family. I named all of my cars. Wish I had the money to find them, and bring them back to life, just to squander thousands of bucks on paint and add-ons like on "Pimp My Ride", or "Foose"... Thanks ttyl.

Peace & Blessings  I. Teddy Bonet


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